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Construction Workers at Sunset


I represent injured workers at all stages of their injury.  From the initial denial; to when they are seen for the very first Independent Medical Examination; through the last stage of when they may be classified with a permanent disability.  We pride ourselves in helping in every step of the way from assisting with missing or late checks, pharmacy concerns to assistance with getting their medical paid so as to avoid bills being placed into collections.  My office is here to assist you in every stage of your Workers' Compensation case so that you can concentrate on getting the treatment you deserve.  


When an injury, illness or impairment is expected to last for longer than 12 months then an individual can apply for Social Security Disability benefits.  This is often a process that is frustrating and constrained with deadlines that my office is here to assist with from the onset of a claim throughout the hearing level should you so require.  I recognize the importance of every benefits that an individual may be entitled to and despite the goal of a potential return to work, recognize that this may not always be possible.  I am here to obtain every benefit possible and to help in protecting the individual in the burdensome time constraints imposed when pain or other disabilities may make it difficult to apply for obtain Social Security Disability benefits.  

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Our goal is to try to take as much as the legal headache out of the process so that you may concentrate on getting better and moving forward with your life. Feel free to contact us if you think you have a case, or if you have any legal questions.




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