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"Tori is simply wonderful; she's very thorough and extremely helpful/good at her job. You can tell she truly cares about her clients!"


"Tori is passionate about her clients and their issues and will take the time to focus on the nuances of each case and seeks the best results for each clients objectives. She's also very accessible with phone calls, emails or appointments."


"Tori was my attorney for a case that stretched into years and multiple surgeries on my shoulder. She is everything you would hope for in an attorney and more. Dedicated to making you a priority, sincere, and driven. When you have questions, she gives and gets answers. When you don't understand something, she explains it clearly. You are a priority with her and she truly cares. I never once felt like I was "just another client". If you need an attorney who puts her heart and soul into getting you back on your feet, there really is only one name you need to consider........Tori Jacobs. Thank you for everything Tori !"


"Tori is very professional and she always returns your calls no matter what time of the day it is I was very satisfied with hiring Tori as my attorney had nothing but great experience thank you good luck on your new business!!"


"I've been with Tori since the start of my injury... almost 5 years. She's a great attorney and has done a lot for me.


"Great attorney very knowledgeable"


"Best Workers' Comp attorney out there!" 


"Tori is the best lawyer you can ask for she knows how to get the job done right so glad she is my lawyer" 


"She is a great attorney and will give you her undivided attention. She gets results and is not afraid to stand for her clients." 


"Tori is always willing to help and explain things to me. my precious attorney basically forgot about me until Tori came along and took over my case. I am so happy that she took my case and will continue to have her help me till the end of this journey and possibly beyond."


"We were lucky enough to come across Tori when our cases was mishandled by our then attorney.  Tori was able to fix our benefits and represent us to get all our benefits of family had been going without.  We have a long journey ahead of us but we know we will win our cases with Tori on our side.  She is knowledgeable forthcoming and very strong-willed and will fight for your till the end.  You couldn't ask for a more reliable attorney."


"Tori has been representing me for almost a year and has been amazing.  She 'knows her stuff' and has been there when needed.  She is patient and works very closely with me.  I'm glad I was referred to her last year!!


I would recommend Tori to any one struggling with a disability case.  Tori is very caring and considerate and takes care of everything which relieves a lot of stress because if you ever been through it, the whole situation can be very stressful.  But Tori explained everything and kept me informed the whole way.  Tori also has a wonderful staff.  Carla and Molly are so pleasant to talk to on the phone and get back to you on questions you have in a timely fashion.  I would recommend Tori Jacobs and her staff or any help you need when dealing with disability.  Disability stressful enough and they all work hard to remove any stress you may have.  


"Tori was both kind as well as professional, she was very attentive to my needs as it related to my claim.  I was very pleased with how quickly the process went which speaks to Tori's hard work and dedication, she is a pleasure to work with."


Tori Jacobs was the best phone call I could have made. In 2009/2011 I had two work injuries, missing a lot of work, falling behind on bills, and about to lose my job. My head was falling down, I had anxiety and cried a lot. Tori took me in arms, lifted my chin, wiped my eyes, and said I got your back. Never hesitated to call me back. She even returned calls on maternity leave. I watched her kids grow up. She never let me down. She is a fighter and a winner. She doesn’t just take your case, she takes you. She helped me win both my workers comp and SSD cases. She never made me feel like I was just another client, she treated me with like a friend. Even when things in my life were going all wrong, and I just needed someone to talk to. She never cut me short, always listened, said Karen you call me whenever you need me. I have closed my case and Tori still touched base with me. If you’re looking for a lawyer who is strong - takes your case personal, love to win and treats you like a friend, call the Law Office of Tori Jacobs. I promise she will fight for you. 


"Tori was both kind as well as professional, she was very attentive to my needs as it related to my claim.  I was very pleased with how quickly the process went which speaks to Tori's hard work and dedication, she is a pleasure to work with."

Tori and her staff have been exceptional with the attention given to my case. All my questions answered clearly and promptly. I was not worries about anything as she made sure I was up to date on all details and made the process of my case smooth. I was very happy with the outcome and am glad I had Tori and her team behind me to fight for my case.


I have recommended and do recommend Tori Jacobs Law Office to anyone that needs and want proper legal representation on they behalf. Thank you Law Office of Tori Jacobs!

My former employer chose an insurance company that refused a lot of treatment. That meant I needed a very good Attorney! And I can recommend an amazing attorney! Tori Jacobs is very hard working, very professional and personable. That is hard to find… especially today. I can tell you with Ms. Jacobs you will not just feel like a number to her. 


Tori and her staff have always had compassion and understanding whenever I called regarding my workers comp case. They always addressed issues in a timely manner and explained in laymen terms. I am grateful to have Tori fight for me and settle my claim. Thank you!


Atty. Tori Jacobs,

I can not thank you enough for your legal expertise, professionalism, and communication throughout my left foot/ankle loss of use case. I know you have several other clients you are assisting but even so you always gave me prompt attention to detail to my case as well! This meant so much to me as I knew you were always looking out for me and all my best interests. The outcome of my loss of use case from making sure my w.c medical coverage for any and all treatments, exams, procedures, or medical aids are to be continued and the loss of use award to allow me to able to walk comfortable and with the least pain, for everything you have done I will be forever grateful.


Tori was wonderful to work with. I felt like I wasn’t just a number - she always knew my case and had the latest details. She was always willing to explain the rpocess, next steps, and most importantly, fight for the treatment I needed. I cant thank Tori and her team enough for their excellent work!

"I would like to thank Tori Jacobs & her staff for all the hard work they did for me on my case!  Will definitely recommend her to all my family & friends.  Great Job"

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